Yo La Tengo’s Recipe-Inclusive “I’ll Be Around” Video

Lovely. Bon Appetit talks to Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan:

[W]ere you actually cooking it on-screen?
IK: Oh yeah. We’re not actors.

Well, speaking of which, why did you get Superchunk’s lead singer, Mac McCaughan, to play you, singing, in the video?
IK: It just seemed appropriate for the song. There’s this aspect to making a video, and dramatizing the song, that can get in the way of… One of the things that’s appealing about making music and writing songs is that they aren’t literal. Even though there are lyrics, you can leave a lot of space for the listener to fill in the blanks and read things the way they want to read them.

Bon Appetit also has Tortilla Soup and Spanish Tortilla recipes that stay still, and Yo La Tengo’s Fade is out now.

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