Which Is Your Allele?

Researchers found that among women who possess the G allele — i.e., the smelly ones — around 5 percent didn’t regularly use deodorant. (Hippies.) Compare that with the 22 percent of those who possess the non-smelly AA allele who didn’t use deodorant. That’s a big difference, and indicates that non-odorous people have rightly figured out that they really don’t need it.

More fascinating, however, is the 78 percent of people who don’t genetically need deodorant but use it anyway. Why do they feel so compelled?

Wait, so you can only call yourself a hippie if you have the right allele and know what to do with it? No, but maybe we should all stop wearing deodorant for a little while and figure out which of us are unnecessarily contributing to the evil deodorant trade.