What You’re Missing at Sundance: Meh, Not Too Much?

The first humbling is the airport. Salt Lake City International, around 11 a.m. Baggage claim has been repurposed into a holding pen — L.A. blondes in fur-cuffed ski jackets, men wearing big puffy coats with strange, sun-like logos on the sleeves. Cowboy hats, bright pink vests, Burberry bags. All the women’s boots are huge and excessive and trimmed with what seem like entire menageries of tiny, hirsute animals.

So far, despite what that quote would lead you to believe, Zach Baron’s dispatches from Sundance contain just the right mix of information about the movies and celebrity gossip. Por ejemplo, he watched a Michael Cera vehicle (“It’s hard to overstate how unpleasant Cera is in the film.”) and saw Adrian Grenier’s hair. What next!?