Nightmare in Qreamland

Uh oh: AllStarHipHop got an exqlusive on the Qream-related lawsuit that Pharrell’s filing against the drinq’s distributor. (If you’re not familiar with Qream, it’s a cream-based liqueur that Pharrell qreated in 2011, and which is, in his words, “a truly elegant experience for the modern day queen and her court of friends.” This site was an early supporter; here’s Qream’s best and seemingly only qommercial.)

Pharrell’s asqing Diageo North America for $5 million in eqchange for what he sees as a failure on their part to marqet Qream as the “high-end, leisure class” drinq he’d intended it to be, and beqause a lot of the bottles were apparently made with faulty tops (although the only Qream I qame in qontaqt with — thanq you, Jaya! — had a perfeqtly funqtional gold plastiq one).

Sad. Maybe there is a Qream eqception in the Drynuary qlause.