Maur Maur Maur!

“Maura is a new weekly magazine. Each week, it takes on pop culture with brio; its offerings include in-depth interviews with creators and innovators, incisive commentary on music, movies, sports, and the internet, and indulgent recipes for liquor-filled treats. Maura takes a populist approach to pop culture: It is fun to read without making fun of fans for loving what they love. Maura is open-minded without being empty-headed.”
— Hairpin pal Maura Johnston has started a new app-based publication, Maura Magazine, which is available for $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year (subscription fees “support the writing, editing, and production of Maura Magazine”). Maura (Johnston) also has another description/introduction on her personal site, and there is a Twitter feed to follow, too. Maura!