Get This Look: Baked Goods

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. Croissant

Verily do these almost-circles of essentially pure butter, rolled up into the shape of a crescent and then baked by angels, make Francofiles of us all. Although typically associated with France, the French, and snap decisions made in line at Dunkin’ Donuts as to whether one will pronounce its name properly and look like an asshole or suck it up and say ’crawsahnt’ and be a true woman of the people, this flaky delight is actually Austrian in origin. To make matters worse, it’s slightly racist, being designed to commemorate the defeat of the muslims in the Battle of Tours (723 AD).

Get the Look:

GTL - Croissant

GTL — Croissant, featuring Toggle coat, $125 / Crochet shorts / Birkenstock platform shoes / Wet Seal beret hat


2. Boston Creme

Let’s give it up for this, Good Will Hunting’s favorite of all the donuts. This air, chocolate-covered, yeasty, custard-filled delight is the embodiment of hedonism and excess, and it’s damn near pornographic in its splendor. Inspired by the pie of the same name (minus the donut part), is it any wonder it was crowned the State Donut of Massachusetts in 2003? It was crowned state donut of my heart before time began. Created by a French-Armenian chef at the Parker Hotel, it’s one more reason to love Armenians — I’m looking at you, Eric Bogosian!

Get the Look:

GTL - Boston Cream

GTL — Boston Cream, featuring Yellow sweatshirt / J Brand leather legging / Keds vintage shoes / Sweet & Co. gold necklace / Baroque White Wig


3. Bear Claw

The ferocious Bear Claw is a pastry that’s flavored with almonds — so for all you know, you could be eating arsenic. You probably aren’t, though, so don’t worry. You’re also probably not eating a bear, as the pastry gets its name not because it’s the dismembered paw of a bear but from the shape of a bear’s claw. For fun, pretend to swipe your friend’s face with it while growling — that’s how you bump someone out of the friend-zone and into the pants-zone.

Get the Look:

GTL - Bear Claw

GTL — Bear Claw, featuring T By Alexander Wang / Slip on shoes / Photo necklace

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Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn. She’s an editor at Fempop, and spends a large amount of her time pretending to be a mildly evil cat on the internet.