Danish Diadems

The “purely frivolous and perfectly harmless” blog The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, a site dedicated to “all things stylish and royal,” regularly observes a mirco-holiday called Tiara Thursdays, and during yesterday’s celebration they examined Princess Marie of Denmark’s “signature diadem,” a pretty “diamond floral tiara” whose name “doesn’t tell you … that it does have a royal history before Marie enters the picture, and [that] it’s not even really ‘Marie’s’ (as far as we know).” Whaaat. So, if you’re feeling frivolous and harmless, and might enjoy looking at pictures of — or reading short stories about — crowns, jewels, and impressively smooth hairstyles, or harmlessly and frivolously considering what your own signature crown might look like when you become queen of the world and/or universe and underworld, it is a pleasant read.