Anne Helen Petersen’s Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Book (!)

Did you hear Anne Helen Petersen’s “Scandals of Classic Hollywood” series is becoming a book of the same name in the summer of 2014, via Plume/Penguin, and that it’ll contain all new material (but some of the same stars), and that it’ll sleep with every book its covers touch until eventually it marries the book it has an out-of-wedlock pamphlet with, despite that other book’s being secretly (or not-so-secretly) ____, and that after a horrific (or, to some, glorious) ____ing incident it’ll live out the rest of its days in _____? And that its jacket is made of a thousand miniature ____s, dipped in ___? I know!

In the meantime, here are all past installations, which, like the scandals themselves, are classic and only improve with age. Anne Helen Petersen is also on Twitter. Or is she? Who *is* Anne Helen Petersen? Is Anne Helen … Petersen?