An Extremely Specific Pop Culture Update

Jurassic Park, the defining filmic event of a generation, is going to be on IMAX 3D for one week beginning April 5th to commemorate its 20th anniversary (insert gasp of shock).

More importantly, the little boy from said film is now the surprisingly yummy charismatic snake-handling Preacher Billy on the new season of Justified.

The music for Justified is done by Steve Porcaro, whose name is instantly recognizable to anyone who studied the super-helpful Wikipedia infographic on the members of Toto.

And, finally, Grantland has the important background reading for any Jurassic Park rewatch:

The T. rex is a series of small gestures. Watch her pupil constrict, a touch Spielberg borrowed from E.T. Watch her breath fog up the windows. What she’s doing — and what the raptors will do later in Jurassic Park — is giving a performance. My god, Dr. Grant, she’s acting! And “she” doesn’t just consist of Dennis Muren’s brilliant computer effects. The computers tag-teamed with Stan Winston’s 13,000-pound model, which was dragged onto Warner Brothers’ Stage 16 for the shoot. The rex model was fully digitized, but Winston and his team often insisted on controlling it manually so they could get the nuance. It “acted its ass off,” Winston said later.

Oh, and Patton Oswalt is on Justified now. He’s also going to be on The Newsroom, but that’s a different story and will be told another time.