“Safe For Work, Volume II” by DJ Ayres

Just in time for your holiday party, DJ Ayres is back with another non-sweary mix you can listen to with folks who might not have heard of the F-word yet. This one starts with “lots of R&B and 90s diva house, then ends slow and grindy.” If that sounds like gobbledygook, maybe these featured artists will entice you: Björk, Aaliyah, Frank Ocean, Tori Amos, The xx, Aretha Franklin, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, and Carly Simon — just to name a few of the very best names of all time. Stream here, download here.

If you’re in NYC, go see Ayres DJ his mondo dance party, The Rub, live at The Bell House tomorrow, December 15th, and on New Year’s Eve. Then, check out his NSFW podcast, Small Talkhere.

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Artwork by Esther C. Werdiger.