Friday Item Receptacle

The regular Bargain Bin is off this week, but in its place is this … Item Receptacle of things that aren’t necessarily on sale, but are still potentially worthwhile. So I guess it’s also a gift guide. Anyway, today all L.L. Bean boots are 30% off — men’s and women’s.

Left: $97 (were $137); Right: $125 (were $179)

L.L. Bean also has surprisingly nice, moderately priced sateen sheets. They’re not on sale, but I’ve liked them for the past few years, if you’re ever in desperate need of a sheets recommendation. Interestingly, L.L. Bean also has a $749 knife.

Any chance to recommend Soapwalla and its magical natural deodorant ($12) is one I will grab and rub Soapwalla natural deodorant into. By now I’m also only using Soapwalla’s body oil ($26) and mostly-only using its vegan lip balm ($9), so I guess take this recommendation with a grain of salt (or sugar, from the body polish). Our interview with Soapwalla creator Rachel Winard is here, if you missed it and want to know more.

Also: prints of Natalie Eve Garrett’s lovely undersea paintings ($25)!

And Esther C. Werdiger’s extraordinary League of Ordinary Ladies tote bags ($18)!

So, this has been a somewhat random collection of things one person thinks are good, and probably the best thing I spent money on this year was travel. Also: a reminder that almost everything in Food52’s online shop is 10% off with the code “hairpin10” until December 31 (small print here). Happy holidays! Or, don’t buy anything.