Come for the Steak Puns, Stay for the Butchering Demo

“There has never been more interest in disrupting the way meat is produced, consumed and communicated to the public. Yet, significant barriers exist to scaling current approaches. The following are a summary of the challenges we will be tackling over the course of the weekend.”
— Today marks the start of Hack//Meat, a weekend-long conference/competition/multimedia event about making and eating better animals. There are prizes, and judges, and although it’s physically happening in New York City, at Grind workspace, there are ways to follow along and contribute via Twitter, if you’re interested (#hackmeat). Lots more information here.

My question about meat is: If you have it only rarely (and rarely), but get nice restaurant versions that often come in bigger portions than you’re used to, so you take the remainder home and eat it over the next couple days or three — does that count as eating meat more than once a week? I mean, of course it does. And I guess the answer is to split the entree with someone else, if you know you’re not going to finish it. Okay, today is already off to a great start.

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