Beware White Tuna Sushi

“The dangerous substitution of escolar for white tuna has been documented in New York City eateries in other studies as well. Journalists and scholars have found similar ‘white tuna’ fraud levels in sushi restaurants ranging from ‘nearly all’ to ‘all.’ Not knowing you are buying escolar is particularly troublesome because it contains a toxin, gempylotoxin, which can cause severe gastrointestinal problems … [and] it has been banned by both Italy and Japan.”
— Journalists and scholars from the ocean advocacy group Oceana had a presumably exciting summer testing out the fish of New York City, finding an overall 39% seafood fraud rate (joining LA, Boston, and Miami — 55%, 48%, and 31%, respectively). Red snapper was another particularly problematic one, along with mermaid and piranhaconda, ayyyyyy. <*{{}}><