“It’s not murder, but it is neglect. People have told me their stories. Like, ‘I kept taking my dog on a walk without a leash, and this car hit him. I got another puppy, and I didn’t want to put him on a leash, and he got hit by another car. Anyways, I’m on my fifth dog, and I just don’t want to put him on a leash.’ And that has made me feel a whole lot better. If you Google, ‘I killed my loved one by accident,’ you will find many stories of people who have left their babies in hot cars. I mean, everyone’s doing the best they can, but sometimes that’s not very good. I hope I’ve changed, but I don’t know if I have. One would hope that after I neglected my dog I would have stopped drinking so much coffee and started a 45-minute meditation/mindfulness practice every morning.”
— Comedian Maria Bamford talked to Dogster today about her pup Blossom’s accidental death. She blames herself, but you won’t. Get to love her more here or go see her live in Burbank, CA this weekend. You really should.