Viva Bloombito

The New Yorker’s Silvia Killingsworth on Rachel Figueroa’s parodic Twitter account, @ElBloombito:

Figueroa’s jokes may not hit every time, but there’s always something to appreciate about her dedication to light entertainment as a civic service. The tweet she sent on Thursday after Bloomberg endorsed Obama, however, had layers of cleverness: “Para bailar Obamba. Que necesito una poco de turnouto de voto.” Spanish-speakers and oldies fanatics will immediately recognize a close assonance with the lyrics of Ritchie Valens’s popular 1958 adaptation of “La Bamba.” The account also makes light of the hazards of the lazy practice of appending the letter “o” to every word to Spanglicize it (powerado, resourcero, turnouto de voto). Every time Figueroa tweeted about the loss of power, Con Edison becameCoño Edisono,” and coño is slang for an English word that the more discreet among us had a bit of trouble with earlier this year.

On a secondary note, don’t ever think your parodic Twitter account will necessarily keep you out of the pages of The New Yorker. Excelsior!