Taking Narratively Once a Day

“[A]fter spending time in the Internet hookup world, you begin to become even more sensitive to the unseeable, etheric quality that emanates from people in cyberspace. After all the initial chatting, you are confronted with someone’s vibrations in person, and then have to compare them with the flat profile version you’ve already constructed in your head. It’s great if the two match up, but sometimes the person has a vaguely unpleasant yogurt smell. Or flaky eyebrows. Or just an all-around demonic aura. Then, you learn to respect and trust the potent yet subtle body and sexo-chemical cues you have within you. Even more than you did before we created a sexual Amazon.”
— In case you missed Mike Albo’s essay about desire and the internet for the beautifully designed and new-ish site Narratively, it’s an excellent read. Also: Narratively is “a digital publication devoted to original, true and in-depth stories” that runs one long read/watch a day (video or text, usually), and into whose clutches it is easy to fall. (“I haven’t touched my flute since that day I caught pneumonia on the subway platform.”)