“I’ve never crushed anyone totally.”

The 48 Laws of Power guy, who shows no sign of being personally offensive, is talking pleasantly about his views on interior design with the New York Times. They are happy to explain his magnum opus to you:

With its graphic red cover and straightforward, if coldblooded, directions for navigating a competitive world (Law 14: “Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy”; Law 20: “Do Not Commit to Anyone”), the book was widely circulated, especially within the hip-hop community. Its success has led to all sorts of unanticipated opportunities for the author, including an appointment to the board of American Apparel (the clothing company’s chief executive officer, Dov Charney, is a fan) and collaborating with 50 Cent on a street version, “The 50th Law.”

Law 51: On an UNCHARACTERISTICALLY HARSH NOTE, not everyone who owns this book is a jag, but all jags own this book.