Friday Bargain Bin: The Gramophone

Out of Thin Air-mail Stationery, $5.99 (was $7.99)
Attention Pin Pals: Six bucks for 50 sheets of paper that fold up into envelopes! From the description: “Flabbergast your friends in far away places when they find your latest message in their mailboxes.” Riiight?

Colored Skinny Jeans, $24.80
Holy crap, jeans from F21 that have more than a 10″ rise? It’s a miracle.

On Point Collar Necklace, $10 (was $20)
One way to avoid messing this up with your greasy fingertips would be to tip your fingers with these.

Mimi Holliday Lace Underwire Bra, $36 (was $90)
Unfortunately, this is only for IBTC members.

Wool and the Gang Jolly Pocket DIY Scarf Kit, $38.50 (was $110)
I used this wool to make a bunch of cowls last year and it was wonderful to work with and so cozy and the colors are great. This kit also comes in teal. And also did you see there are POCKETS?

Speak Love, Make Love Romantic Game, $9.99 ($19.95)
I don’t know, but I want to?

Tamara Sculpted Bath Towel and Hand Towel, $11.99 & $7.99 (were $9.99 & $14.99)
Eat your expensive-ass hearts out, Anthropologie. There aren’t any matching washcloths left, but you could jazz it up with these.

Kimchi Blue Muse Suede Pump, $24.98 (was $59)
Keryn from Olympia, WA “totally recommends purchasing these,” so…

Pop-Out Snowflake Ornament, $5.99 (was $12.95)
This comes in silver and red too, plus it benefits the very best museum, and I am not just saying that because you can get wine and cheese and charcuterie there (but it helps).

Thursday Friday Here Cognac Cosmetic Bag, $14.07 (was $61.57 or $35 depending who you ask, same with the description, because on the designer’s site this is referred to as a “cosmetic bag” but over at ASOS they’re calling it a “purse?” Hm.)

Sari Home Companion Jacket (OMG IGNORE THE NAME), $31.99 (was $64.99)
Remember that old Pendleton you hated in junior high? What wasn’t wrong with you?

iPhone Gramophone, $249
Keep the chaaange.