Friday Bargain Bin: A Horn of Plenty

“Floral and Insects” Print by Laura Bell, from $24
It’s a photograph! “This still life from Laura Bell possesses her painterly vision inspired by the Old Masters. Its creeping critters remind us that behind the beautiful there are sometimes darker, more mysterious forces at work. A memorable present for your best frenemy. Or maybe your mother-in-law?”

Hairpin Hairpin Dish, $9;95 (was $18)
Fiiine-uh, this is actually called a “Fastened Silver Soap Dish,” but NOPE. Wrong. It’s clearly a dish for your hairpins printed with a hairpin motif. There’s a matching hairpin wine glass.

Dolce Vita Lissa Flat, $52.50 (were $79)
If I were you, I’d set my sights on the title of “Kookiest Lady at That Holiday Party” and wear them with one of these dresses:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leopard-Print Fine-Velvet Dress, $212 (was $530)
Ohmygosh, this dress is out of this world. Only size 8 left. Size 10s, look down!

J. Crew Leopard Silk Chiffon Dress, $69.99 (was $288)
All sale items at J. Crew are an extra 30% off with the code “MUSTHAVE.” Snake print iPhone cases in every stocking?

Etched Antique Mercury Glass Cinderalla Pumpkin, $20.50 + free shipping (were $34.50)
I know it’s not spelled right, but that’s on them. On the other hand, it did take me literally hours to figure out why “Cinderella” was even in the name.

Black 50 Black Scroll Paper Placemats, $19 + free shipping (were $24.95)
I have seen these in person and can vouch not only for their irresistibility and convenience, but they go almost too far in tying your holiday table together. You could put mismatched dishes all over these fools and people would be impressed. (The actual placemats don’t have the writing on them, just that pretty border.)

Murray’s Ultimate Cheese Tasting, $63.99 (was $89.99)
It’s party time. If you live near Murray’s or another amazing cheese shop, congratulations, how wonderful. If not, tell your guests you “had some cheese flown in from New York.” For under $80 you get a large and lovely and delicious first course here; pot luck the rest of the meal?

Calphalon Roasting Set, $99.95 (was $170)
Time to man up, April.

Sephora + Pantone Color of the Year Enamel Set, $7 (was $12)
You only have two months left and then *poof* this color will disappear off the face of the planet forever. Another reason to try orange: men go bananas for orange nail polish, if you are into their kind.

3 Nights at The Washington School House Hotel in Park City, Utah, $948 (was $1,897)
Your stay includes champagne and chocolates upon arrival, a cocktail hour each afternoon, and your morning newspaper delivered by none other than our very own Nicole Cliffe. Right, Nicole?