A Poem for Justin Timberlake

by Karina Briski

At Family Dollar I saw a magazine

Justin Timberlake married
Jessica Biel, in Italy.
She wore pink, not even
Katie Holmes did that.
I walked away from the magazine
“Why her?”
I don’t know him
or her
and it’s been years
since we kissed
in my head
but still.
Her face
was calm. She looked
nice. “They look happy”,
I think and, “Well, that’s that”
and it’s funny
I’m letting go
and it’s Funny
The idea that you ever have
to let go of
other than the idea.
If a person in a magazine can
cloud up your Wednesday
imagine what a real-life person
will do.
He was really terrible in that
movie with Clint Eastwood.
And Mila Kunis.
I felt uneasy about
the sex scenes
like who does that
in bed
Oh well
I still love you
is what I think, leaving
Family Dollar, empty-handed,
The parts of you I created
I will love always

Karina Briski lives in Brooklyn and writes for Brokelyn.