Man Angry, Potentially Violent

Conrad Black (the illustrious Baron Black of Crossharbour PC, OC, KCSG), continuously and hilariously outraged that people treat him like a criminal, has just come thisclose to bathing in the blood of the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman. He goes rogue almost immediately, and the interview starts at 4:10. It is incredible.

He says “STOP THIS BOURGEOIS PRIGGISHNESS,” you guys! He also invokes the United States’ high incarceration rate, as though he were a young person of color who had been unjustly stop-and-frisked, as opposed to being a totally-guilty white collar criminal and member of the House of Lords (which was a whole other legal mess).

More importantly, if you’re making a robber baron period film, THAT FACE AND MANNER, right?

“Children and their tiny, dextrous hands are our greatest natural resource.” — hypothetical character to be played by Conrad Black

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