Halloween Party Jams

Are you having a Halloween party anytime soon? If you were undecided as to when, “soon” would be a good time, but what music are you going to play? If babies are coming over (Why!? JK, babies are the heart of Halloween. Mmm, baby hearts…) you might want to go with Aquarium Drunkard’s vintage Halloween mixtape of 34 tunes from the ’50s and ’60s — that was before we had swears. Or how about a mostly cheesy/funny ghoulish hip hop playlist from a lady named Melissa? If not hip hop, try spooky trip hop from DJ Rocko. And for something truly spine-tingling, this two-hour, NSFW mix of death metal/psyche/scary raps — but a lot of it is remixed to be even ickier — from the ever-excellent Mishka Bloglin would really set the mood for a bloodletting. However, since those are illegal (right?), you should probably just listen to it in your headphones.