Carly Rae Jepsen Confession Corner, “This Kiss”

Perhaps the biggest news of the weekend* is that the “Call Me Maybe” singer released the video to her faintly catchy followup single, “This Kiss.” The song’s message isn’t the greatest, and the video features some unfortunate headwear (it’s also officially dedicated to Canada), but then there’s the moment with this guy at 2:27, and Carly’s pleasantly surprising Samara-from-The Ring sequence toward the end. Definitely didn’t not watch it all, and then once more to “make sure,” although “Turn Me Up” is a superior “Call Me Maybe” come-down.

Elsewhere: Diplo, got stoned and mixed really old records for half an hour.

Also: There are two ways to look at this story about women and quitting smoking at 40.

*Because of previously scheduled travel plans and Sandy-related adjustments, we’ll be running at half-steam today, but hope to be back to normal tomorrow. Be safe, wherever you are!

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