Awesomely Spooky Tights

Some people don’t love dressing up in costumes. Which is okay! (But weird, you know?) But maybe you’d still like to be a bit festive during the season of the witch? How about donning a pair of spooky tights? We suggest you wear these year-round, really.

Black and Green Striped Tights | Theme Witch and Wizard
Striped tights are pretty much standard-issue Halloween wear, but this particular shade of green is too enticing to not bring to your attention.

Leg Avenue Cobweb Tights | Amazon
You could glue a tiny plastic spider to these if you wanted to really freak people out. Just a thought!

Bat Tights | Amazon
You could glue a huge plastic bat to these if you wanted to really freak people out. Just a thought!

Black Thigh Highs with White Pirate Skulls | This Next
The description of these thigh-highs reads “Leg bling for your inner wench.” Can’t top that, not gonna try.

Blood Spatter Tights | Costume Craze
WHY ARE THESE FOR CHILDREN?? More importantly: why do children get to have all the fun? (More more importantly: how can we DIY these?)

Cut to the Bone Tights | Costume Zone
Well, at least these come in adult sizes.

Skeleton Leggings | Target
Don’t miss out on the coordinating shoes!

Blood Vessel Tights | eBay
Oh, hello Slim Goodbody

Bite Me Tattoo Tights | Etsy
These are perfect for those of you who still work in places that require ladies to wear proper pantyhose.

DIY Roach Tights | Halloween Costumes 4 Women
Better fake roaches on your legs than real ones in your home, right??