Who Will Save the Worms

This weekend, it rained overnight, and as a result the streets were covered with worms in the morning. She wanted to go out and save as many as she could before the sun warmed up the road and baked them to death. She also insisted that I go with her, and when I said I’d rather sleep in, she got tears in her eyes and told me she couldn’t believe I would just sleep in knowing that hundreds of living creatures suffered a horrible death. After a short lecture on Karma, I gave in and helped save the worms (which was totally gross). I love my fiancée, and want to support the causes that are important to her, but how can I tell her that I find some of her behavior bizarre and over the top without causing a huge fight?

The latest installment of Emily Yoffe’s Dear Prudence advice column is exceptionally good. There are worms and witches, breast implants and baby names, fog machines and adultery. A little something for everyone. Enjoy.