How to Sound Like a Cool Mom

You know why “Jiggy” is one of the greatest slang words ever coined? Because it not only takes you to a different decade, it takes you to a different dimension. In a jiggy world, the suits are always shiny and silver, the wigs are always a natural neon blue, the economy is indelibly Big Willie Clintonian. Will Smith was no longer the Fresh Prince, but he was no longer a Scientologist. He was a movie star, but had yet to get old and serious. It is capitalist Zen. The Prada bag will always have a lot of stuff in it. Your condo is infinite. You dance around the sarcophagus. Floor seats every game. Jiggy is the apex. We should be so lucky to get jiggy again.

Over at The Passion of the Weiss they’re counting down the “25 Greatest Outdated Rap Slang Words.” “Phat,” bling bling,” and “scrilla” made the list while “fo’ shizzle” did not, so it’s probably fine to keep saying that one.