Friday Bargain Bin: Screw It

Giles and Brother Silver Screw Studs, $38 (were $75)
Conversation starters, right up there next to your hot face.

Embroidered Frame Duvet Cover & Shams, $59.99 to $79.99 and $14.99 (were $119–169 and $29)
You’re gonna need these to impress your lovers, plural, after a night on the town with those studs.

Bordeaux-Ruffled Oxford Heels, $79.95 (were $168)
You don’t need to wear anything else on your feet until spring. How cute would they be with this:

Ribbed Cowlneck Dress, $49.50 (was $69.50)
This is THE color of the approaching season, whether you like it or not. I don’t make the rules.

Todd Oldham Perfume, $14.48 (was $35 or $85, depending which decade)
It’s a secret that this is the best perfume because they haven’t made it in 20 years. My BFF knows why people breathe her in at Starbuck’s. Probably?

Saturday Pant, $34.65 with code LOVEIT (were $65)
All final sale items are another 30% off with that code. (Thanks, Heather!)

The Swerve, $11.53 (was $16.95)
I just started reading this and it’s immediately great. It won a Pulitzer, so I’m not the first person to notice that. I wish Nicole were writing this instead of my cavewoman thumbs being all “TWO UP. ME THINK GOOD BOOK,” but there you have it.

Stila Eyeshadow Collection, $32 (was $48; $144 value)
Man alive, I love Stila eyeshadows. They’re just so… normal? And they stay on. And they’re pretty. Stila doesn’t pay me to have this opinion, but I wish Lot Less, the closeout store where I buy all my makeup, would. Or Big Lots. Or any other closeout store. The other day I went into a Smart & Final for the first time thinking it was a closeout store — because it sounds like one, right? — but it was more like Aldi’s. Live and learn.

Four Square Anywhere, $5.49 (was $14)
Go outside, while you still can. *Evil laughter*

Woven Rocker Chair, $99.99 with free shipping (was $249)
According to the reviews, the back of this chair needs to be put on backward in order for it to look right and be comfy. You’re the type of person to listen to others’ experiences, and not just follow the “rules,” you know? So get you a beautiful piece of imperfect-at-first furniture for under $100. Or just keep wearing that groove into the floor.