Friday Bargain Bin: Not a DNC Edition, But…

Raining Cats and Dogs Scarf, $19.95 (was $48)
Available in a a cuter multi-colored version that they don’t have a good picture of in case, you know, you’re not the patriotic type. But if you are, maybe scoop these bad boys up too (puns!):

Jonathan Adler George Washington Serving Set, $7.20 (was $12)
I truly just don’t even think you need to save these for next July 4th. Let George Serve you 365.

Given Then Gathered Column Dress, $69.95 (was $128)
From the reviews: “Flattering!” “This dress is great for any body type.” “Looks great and feels even better!” And they’re right.

Turkish Puzzle Coffee Ring, $9.95 (was $25)
I think this is on sale because no one understands it.

DÄV English Wellington Boots, $44 (were $80)
You know this summer ain’t gonna last forever.

Luna 2nd Quality Wall Flats, $4.50 (were $10)
Finally a way to fix those bumpy, cracked, scary walls! And you know that whatever is wrong with the tiles (“2nd Quality?”) can’t be worse than what you’re trying to stop staring at right now.

Calvin Klein V-Neck Chemise, $29.40 (was $42)
As a new season approaches, so do new strangers who want to sleep next to you and not be completely disgusted.

Fete-A-Tete Apology Kit, $4.95 (was $7.95)
I’m sorry for that last comment about how gross your pajamas have gotten.

Sephora + Pantone Tangerine Tango Faux Lash Set, $9 (was $19)
What was up with that Sephora + Pantone partnership thing? Make sense to anyone? Anyway, Halloween is next month, so you should get on these, mama.

Melabo Wed Bunny Brides, $50
This is the shop with the best ever cake toppers. Other combos: Stallion Husband/Human Bride, Unicorn Husband/Deer Bride, A Rabbit and Loon, etc. They even do custom combos. You could give them as a gift, buy them as art, orrr spend and average of $27,000 on one party where you can ask for a cake big enough to set one on top of.