Friday Bargain Bin: “Deconstructed, Repurposed, and Arranged in Random Display”

Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede Lace-Up Wedges, $117 (were $390)
Okay, if you can pull these off, you win. Seriously. Seriously! I know you are out there, dream girl who rocks them with this:

See by Chloe Jersey Sweater Dress, $105.75 (was $235)
Fancy sweatshirt dress.

Scenic Vista Knob, $2.95 (was $12)
It’s like peering into a long-forgotten world every time you fix a bowl of cereal. But no joke, have you ever replaced all your knobs? I recommend it.

Sephora by OPI Mod Trend Tips, $5 (were $12)
This is the only design on sale and ALSO the only good design, so someone at Sephora is getting fired.

Naked Book Ends, $29.95 (were $49.95)
The description for these makes NO sense and it’s awesome: “Vintage reads bookend novel eco story with a happy ending. Recycled books from India are deconstructed, repurposed and arranged in random display to ledge new titles. Stripped of covers and bindings, bookends expose varied age in page color and library stamps. Sure to be a bestseller.”

Silver Lining Blouse, $19 (was $38)
Yes, this is a lovely, versatile blouse you will wear through the winter — and through the elbows probably — but more importantly: how much does this girl remind you of Dalia Royce? WHO MISSES DALIA ROYCE AS MUCH AS I DO?! YAKUUUUUULT!

Monserat De Lucca Squirrel Necklace, $34.30 (was $49)
I think there’s one of these living in my attic. It’ll be fine?

Purple Sparkle Floral Leggings, $20.98 (were $29.50)
Now THAT is good product naming. I love the floral pant trend — let’s keep it going? Imagine them with BOOTS and a jean jacket.

Estate Diamond Swirl Bracelet, $6,110 (was $9,400)
You have to admit.