When I was Fourteen, I Watched Speed 52 Times: A Haiku Series

by Jen Girdish

When Keanu screams,
My tween heart doesn’t know if
I should laugh or swoon.

I’ve never been on
An LA bus with a bomb,
But I’d ride on his.

Keanu means “a
Cool breeze over a mountain.”
He’s Canadian.

When Keanu acts
Is he serious or not?
I would like to know.

How many wrecked cars
Does it take to save one bus?
Keanu knows best.

Keanu turned down
Speed 2, but was okay with
Johnny Mnemonic.

Pop quiz: Walk in The
Clouds or Chain Reaction? What
Do you do, hot shot?

Jen Girdish is frustrated that ‘Ted “Theodore” Logan is six syllables. That frustration seeps out at jengirdish.com.