Live Free or Al Gore

“And some nights [Al Gore] checks into the Regency in New York, where three of his children live.

Andy Cohen
 — What, am I the only one who sees the potential here?

Bravo Exec — I…think you’re misreading that sentence.

Andy Cohen — What do you mean? Three Gore kids, the Regency, pillow fights, romantic liasons, Dad swings by during sweeps week…accidentally overlaps his schedule with Tipper, we do a flashback montage…

Bravo Exec — No, no. We’re pretty sure the Gore kids live in New York City, not the Regency.

Andy Cohen — That’s…disappointing. What if we just…moved them into the Regency? Make some calls.

Bravo Exec — Andy…

Andy Cohen — Look, we’ve already printed the t-shirts.