Friday Bargain Bin: Witchy Goblets and Turtle Belts

Mario Luca Giusti Drinking Glass Set, $35 (was $125)
If I were you, I wouldn’t even take these out of their coffin.

Gem Board Necklace, $39.95 (was $78)
Sure, 40 bucks is a lot to spend on a necklace, but you only have to do it like twice a year to start a great collection of necklaces worth twice that much. Or, buy it for your friend? I’m picturing this one with a white T-shirt and these:

Madewell Bootlegger Jeans $59.99 (were $125)
Make it a ____ tuxedo with this:

Patch Denim Shirt, $48 (was $84)
Seriously though, I do have a similar shirt and people go bananas for it. It pairs nicely with crazy-print pajama bottoms.

Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, $10.20 (was $15)
Did you read Alexandra Fuller’s first excellent memoir? In this second book, her family refers to it as the “Awful Book.” If that doesn’t intrigue you, this may.

Beechwood Bar Tool Set, $19.95 (was $38)
This gets a surprising amount of play at cocktail parties. I mean, you’d think the fish who come over would be able to eyeball it/open a beer with their teeth by now, but nope. Bar tools.

Bite Beauty Lipstick Sampler, $22 (was $25, $50 value)
Do the impossible: try a bunch of different lipsticks in the privacy of your own home. Don’t forget your free samples!

Curio Table Lamp, $99.99 (was $149)
Okay, what are we filling this with? Mouse skeletons (they’re free!); cigarette butts; dried out orange peels. Your turn.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Dress, $41.72 (was $59.61)
Yes, this dress is perfect and will become a staple well into fall. But here’s the best part of this outfit:

Tortoise Chain Belt, $15.33 (Was $35.55)
Amazing! There’s also an elephant version!

Heart Tiara Kit, $2.99 (was $5.99)
Some of you have children, and some (all?) of them have birthday parties. Be the coolest.

Tall Mid-Heel Boot, $148.50 (were $495)
I’m thiiis close to buying the 9s.

Club Monaco Ann Earrings, $34.65 (were $49.50)
Everyone is going to compliment you on these, so if you hate attention, move on.

Vintage Sports Team Portrait, $135.99 (was $195)
Um, hi.