Friday Bargain Bin: A Paper Giraffe and Some Old Dress

Urban Renewal Block Name Necklace, $4.99 (was $12)
It’s Labor Day Sale Weekend! That’s the official name of this holiday, right? Let’s all share our discount codes in the comments. If your parents did you like they did my sister Nancy, you might be able to find yourself among the remaining necklaces: Beth, Jackie, Judy, Laurie, Lori, Lynn, Mary, Michelle, Pam, Paula, and Tracy.

Papier-Mâché Giraffe, $76.49 with promo code LONGWKND (was $129)
Just finally get one of these animal heads, okay? Isn’t it funny how much heavy lifting those crazy spots are doing for giraffes? Maybe you could paint them back on? Speaking of…

Nail Art Set, $9.99 (was $14)
From the reviews: “THIS IS THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE.” Mayhaps you’re too clumsy for nail art? Behold:

T-Shirt Pens, $9.99 (was $14)
We are going to decorate some T-shirts yet this summer if it kills us, by gosh!

Smitten Lace Top, $43.40 with code SALE30 (was $68)
Intimidatingly, perfectly, gorgeously on-trend. Picture it with a pencil skirt with this underneath:

Flocked Dot Garter, $4.99 (was $18.50)
They also have that “a million pairs of cotton panties” sale going on. Code: 7FOR26.

24 Vic’s Bagels, $$18 (were $36)
They overnight them. TO YOUR HOUSE/FACE. Along with these:

Cold-Smoked Salmon Trio, $30 (was $60)

Ash Divina Booties, $82.50 (were $275)
Only 37.5 and 40 left. FIGHT!

Love Letter Note Cards, $18 (were $34)
If you’ve been waiting for permission to get 9 new lovers on the side, permission granted.

Joan Crawford’s Gold Lamé Gown, Later Owned by Mae West, $6,900 (should be PRICELESS)