Call Me, Scooter

“You know what it is?” Braun asked me one day this summer. “My friend put it best. I’m a camp counsellor for pop stars.” Braun was in Los Angeles, where he lives, looking after his growing talent roster. His manner is amiable but volatile — half frat boy, half impresario — and he cuts the burly profile of an athlete during the off-season: he has large lips and a toothy mouth, and he has lately been wearing a close-trimmed beard. He had on his usual uniform, of a Yankees cap, jeans, and a Mickey Mouse T-shirt purchased at Disneyland, where he gets many of his T-shirts. “It’s a nonthreatening thing,” he said. “The whole world loves Mickey.”

The New Yorker profile of Scooter Braun is eight pages long. Scooter’s the talent manager who discovered Justin Bieber on YouTube — remember? We didn’t either. Read it; ’tis a romp!