The Forest Dolls of Hillsborough, New Hampshire

by Josh Jensen

My mom’s boyfriend recently got a $30K lawsuit settlement, and with it he bought a truck. He had lots of money left over, though, and because my mom really likes dolls (she had American Girl ones when she was little, and when her grandma left her a bunch of clown dolls when she died), when they went up to Hillsborough, NH, to drop off my uncle (who was visiting), they went around to several different yard sales in the area buying dolls. When she went about putting them in the back of the truck to take them all home, though, she forgot to put the trailer hitch up, and while they were driving down the back roads, the dolls all slowly spilled out. When they realized this, they tried to go back to find them all but couldn’t.

There is still a big pile of old dolls lying on the side of the road in the woods of Hillsborough, NH. These are the ones they found, and she put them all in the same room.

Josh Jensen was once dumped in a Waffle House, but at least he’s 80% sure he isn’t a creepy doll.