Spoiler-Free Meditations on Last Night’s The Newsroom

1. You know how The New York Times runs that list of Notable Books which mostly means “books The New York Times thinks everyone should be reading instead of Carl Hiaasen and Harlan Coben”?

Aaron Sorkin is the human personification of that concept.

2. Other people need to stop explaining that Jeff Daniels isn’t really a dick at all, he’s deeply kind.

3. Every scene involving a woman last night could be replaced with that 30 Rock skit where Amelia Earhart says “oh no, my period!” and crashes her plane.

4. The woman who keeps screwing up asks the cute guy from Spring Awakening to teach her the ways of being a competent journalist, in a moment which could be replaced with that Family Guy cutaway where the guy shushes the busy-businesswoman and tells her that he’s going to take the next hour and a half to show her how all her problems can be solved with his penis.

5. The Newsroom is still better than Carl Hiaasen and fifty percent of the other shows referenced in this post, so I guess we’ll keep watching it.