Drinking Vinegar

First you find yourself reading Serious Eats’ friendly mini-review of the vinegar drink you’ve been curious about for a while, then you find yourself on the Bragg site looking up the drinks’ nutritional info (honey-sweetened vs. Stevia-sweetened), and then you find yourself on the “vinegar to reverse aging” section of their site, which includes this:

Back to this business of bras, though, which is worrying me. “I have never worn a bra and I am going to show you very truthfully,” [Dr. Patricia Bragg] says lifting up her shirt to reveal a pert bosom covered by what looks like a swimming costume. “Look at this,” she says. “I don’t need any silicone implants and I don’t believe in them. Everything stands up by itself. Now what sort of bra have you got on?”

… among many other wonderful things (nails, feet). And then you find yourself pouring apple cider vinegar into a glass of water with a little bit of honey, and it’s pretty good. And then you choose to go to the Bragg blog, which features this photograph of Dr. Bragg standing on a chair holding a Bragg drink in front of a poster for the Katy Perry movie.