Dinner and a First Person Shooter

“[The gamers who were playing] Mario 20 years ago or Donkey Kong 30 years ago, they don’t have the same amount of time anymore,” he tells Gamasutra. “They have kids. They have jobs. They come home in the evening, they’re tired, and they have to manage their lives in a totally different way than a 15 to 20-year-old kid.

“When you are in that situation, and when you sit down on the couch after dinner with your family, if you’re given the choice between a movie and you know that’s going to be over in two hours and that’s it, or a game and you never know when the game is going to be finished and how much effort is going to be required from you, it’s obvious. We’re basically lazy, right, so you’re going to choose the movie.”

Video game maker Massimo Guarini wants more movie-length video games. Not sure how fun those are to write or play, but if you’ve lived your entire life in the shadow of gamers, two hours of the same soundtrack and punchlines (“The hell did you eat?” ∞), as opposed to weeks or months, sounds like heaven. The gamer in my house says, “I mean, that’s what your iPhone is for. I’m too focused on the economics.” Dude wouldn’t spend good video game money on only two hours of fun. And then I said, “What if they came in a five-pack?” Nodding, “Oh. That sounds good. Yeah.” [via]