Take This Falkor as a Symbol of My Neverending… You Get It

Years ago, I went to the Young Artists Market in New York City with my pal, MacKenzie. It looked like a regular old craft fair of the mostly-jewelry-and-accessories variety, but MacKenzie knew of a secret, small table where wonderful treasures could be found: rings of bears fighting over jewels, a “rakish hand” charm, a necklace with two sparrows. I purchased that last one, and wore it every day for three years before losing it somewhere in the thick carpeting of a bartender’s living room in Queens. (Carpeting + Queens + Bartender = I KNOW, OKAY!?)

Today, InStyle reports the designer is making one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings (how quickly they grow up!): “’Honestly, I just laid them out and the pieces designed themselves,’ he says of the rings, each one named each after a character from cult-classic films like The Princess Bride and Labyrinth.” Did you look at them/him? I’d like Atreyu, please. I’d also like my necklace back.