Miguel in the Corridor With the Candlestick

In a grand suburban house on a quiet cul-de-sac in California’s San Fernando Valley an actor is having a problem with her moans. Alexa Nicole (her professional name) is playing the role of a Latin beauty in A Love Story, a pornographic film about an author of romance novels suffering from writer’s block. They are shooting a fantasy sequence in which Alexa wanders the darkened corridors of the house in a white nightie, carrying a large candlestick. She stumbles into the arms of her forbidden lover, Miguel, played by rising star Xander Corvus, clad in leather trousers, frilly blouse and waistcoat. Helpless in the heat of passion, they make love on the chaise longue.

If the opening paragraph of this Guardian piece, “How The Internet Killed Porn,” didn’t grab you, you might want to check that you are still grabbable. As they say, if you don’t grab it, you lose it.