Explaining Rob Ford to Americans

Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto.

Toronto is just like New York, but without all the stuff.

Rob Ford won the mayoral election like whoa.

Rob Ford has a brother! They have a radio show together.

Rob Ford’s brother doesn’t know who Margaret Atwood is.

Margaret Atwood rules.

Rob Ford hates comedians dressed like Xena, Warrior Princess.

Rob Ford weighs just over 300 pounds, and it matters so much.

Rob Ford weighs just over 300 pounds, and it doesn’t matter at all.

Rob Ford wants other mayors to lose weight.

Rob Ford wants to lose weight as part of a public campaign.

Rob Ford doesn’t want to lose weight as a public campaign.

Rob Ford wants more subways.

Nobody wants more subways.

Rob Ford likes ballet.

Rob Ford hates cyclists.

Rob Ford hates (some) journalists.

Rob Ford always goes to his cottage for Canada Day.

The Pride Toronto parade is on Canada Day.

Is Rob Ford homophobic?

Rob Ford might not be homophobic.

Rob Ford is like a character from an improbable sitcom.

Rob Ford will be mayor for another two years.

Haley Mlotek lives in Toronto. Ask her to explain Canada to you!