10 Good Themes for Hosting a Recurring Movie Night

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1. Sharks.

2. Aliens.

3. Dolly Parton.

4. Movies that make you cry in public. (Armageddon, I’m looking at you, and specifically at when [spoiler] Bruce Willis goes down the tube, and remembering a time at the gym when that scene came on for 45 seconds and I cried on the elliptical. Also remembering I used to go to a gym.)

5. Movies with the word “Queen” in the title. Or “Witch,” or “Daughter.” (Or make and then screen a movie called The Queen Witch’s Daughter. Daughter of the Witch Queen?) (Alternates: “Castle,” “Secret,” “Gown,” “Qream.”)

6. Movies in which the main character has the same name as someone in your movie group, or is part of the movie’s title. For instance, if it were my night, Grey Gardens (big and little Edie Beale) or La Vie en Rose (Edith Piaf). Actually how about a whole series of movies about people named Edith. WELL, stranger things have happened.

7. Movies that prominently feature cheese, or another kind of food. Apples, lobster, donuts.

8. Pregnancy?

9. Movies whose DVD cases feature a close-up of a face, with things reflected in the person’s eye[s]. Or some other challenge, in which case the main appeal would be seeing who could bring the craziest DVD, and the actual movies might not be so fun to watch, so this would be a one-off thing, and not a recurring series.

10. Blue Planet. Every week. Maybe mixed up with Planet Earth and Frozen Planet at the beginning, to ease your friends into it, but then straight Blue Planet, week in, week out, until everyone’s just a pair of eyeballs watching Blue Planet. Blue Planet.

10a. Movies in which a plucky young woman pursues her dream but is left ruined in more ways than one.

10b. Movies in which unusual Irish characters encounter people from America.

10c. Movies about jewelry.

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