Standing Desk Training Wheels

The Wirecutter has a long and comprehensive guide to standing desks, except the trick about standing desks is that you usually don’t know whether you have the inclination/endurance to stand at a standing desk all day before you buy the standing desk, and then you just have this tall table that cost hundreds of dollars. My solution was to try it out for a couple weeks with this jury-rigged standing “desk” on a stack of books, and I’ve been standing at it for three weeks. The first day I figured I’d cave after half an hour, but then the entire morning and afternoon had passed and everything was fine. And now I will get an actual standing desk.

Well, no I won’t because I don’t have any room. What I need is a foot pad or something. A little foot rack thing and an external monitor. And some leeches for the swelling in my ankles. No, maybe just a stool to sit on every couple hours.