Come On In. In. In. In.

Here’s all you need to know to enjoy this mix: So this one guy started an indie record label in the ’90s. Back then, people used to get record deals by sending “demos” of their music to people like him, rather than just making an incredible YouTube video or however it is that people get record deals these days. Anyway! This guy took his job very seriously and actually listened to all the demos people sent in, even though he knew most of them were going to be pretty bad. It’s called statistics, people. Now here is where it gets fun: some of the songs were so wrong, they were actually PERFECT and stuck in his head, so today he’s sharing them with the world. He even made a list of where they came from and favorite lines. There are so many quotables that this post could have been a 3,000 word spoiler, but we’ll just let you enjoy the surprises. Occasionally NSFW.