Unsettling Repetitions in Contemporary Literature: The Art of Fielding

by Samantha Fox

Note: Despite the unsettling repetition, it’s still a great book. Also: spoiler alert.

Page 184: Owen laid his hands on the gentle swell of his belly and closed his eyes. “I did feel worse once, I suppose. When Jason broke up with me.”

Page 190: Owen yawned, opening his mouth cautiously because of the swelling, and rubbed his belly.

Page 217: … Owen didn’t seem to mind. He slipped off his shoes, crossed his slender ankles on the love seat’s far arm, and closed his eyes, fingers interlaced atop the soft swell of his childlike belly.

Page 218: Owen rubbed his belly, eyes still serenely closed.

Page 234: All he wanted was to be home, off his feet, curled up like a child in bed with one hand on the soft little swell of Pella’s belly.

Page 411: Affenlight lay on his side, one hip rolled over on top of Owen’s thigh … With his free hand, he caressed Owen’s belly, which itself felt almost feminine, not muscled but soft with the strong, invulnerable softness of youth.

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Samantha Fox is a graduate student in anthropology. Her favorite ’90s band is Belly.