The Week of April 2–6

– A Dude wears undershirts, A Queer Chick knows about First Loves, and A Clean Person is after that rabbit.

– Lisa Hanawalt went to The Toy Fair and lived to draw the tale.

– Nicole Cliffe’s baby: still okay-cute.

– “Have you ever heard the term ‘helicopter parents’? It’s used to describe this new phenomenon of parents who don’t stop involving themselves in their kids’ lives, even after they’re grown.”

– Things to consume: spinach, lentilsJuice.

– [throws jewels into the air, catches a memento mori ring on each finger]

– An interview with the fantastic Eileen Myles, plus 30% off her excellent new book.

– Also: Really Good Books About Real People.

– The newest Awl sibling is The Billfold, a site about money, and they’re already doing great things.

– “Hey kid

– Happy Passover, happy Easter, and we’ll see you back here on Monday!