Life and Taxes

The average US tax refund check is almost $3,000. That is a surprising amount of dough the IRS is over-taking from you each year, but what can you do? (Move to the Cayman Islands where they don’t have income tax and also it is sunny and beautiful and there is Tortuga rum cake which you could try approximating with this recipe — use prepackaged yellow cake mix for yet another shortcut — but those of you who’ve had the real deal will definitely taste the difference.) Did you spend yours in your head yet? Reuters suggests “having fun” with your return by buying five shares of Apple stock or 600 mocha frappuccinos at Starbucks. You could also get yourself and your bestie matching hunting bracelets. And according to this article, 34 percent of women find tax refunds more satisfying than sex. So there you have it, a very succinct post about tax day which is tomorrow in case you forgot.