How to Know If You’re Having the Same Wedding as Everyone Else on Pinterest

by Natalie Linden

1. Do you find yourself using words like “country,” “DIY,” and “upcycling” when describing your concept?

2. Are you scouting “backyard” locations?

3. Are there Mason jars involved?

4. Will your bridesmaids be wearing cowgirl boots? Feathers? How about the groomsmen — bowties? Suspenders?

5. Are you thinking of succulents, or perhaps air plants, to add sass to your bouquet?

6. Is your veil attached to a headband?

7. Does this very long wooden table look familiar to you?

8. Are you pinning anything cute to wood piles or tree trunks?

9. Will the guests be sitting on natural materials such as wood planks, upside-down terra cotta pots, or hay bales covered in raw linen?

10. Do arbors figure prominently in your lighting design?

If you answered yes to five or more questions, congratulations! You have great taste, and your nuptials are sure to be awesome.

Natalie Linden is totally having the same wedding as everyone else on Pinterest.