Friday Bargain Bin: Festival Edition

Hi-Lo Ruffled Flounce Dress, $34 (was $89)
Are you headed to a Ren faire/bluegrass festival/bachelorette weekend in the woods anytime soon? This will be the foundation of your “dressy outfit.” [UPDATE: OMG they raised the price suddenly to $49. I smell a mole!]

Clarks Harwich Middy Slingback Sandal, $61.15 (were $89.95)
Look, we’re all well aware of the number of flip-flops and hiking shoes you’re packing. That’s fine! Just leave room for these in case. And they come in a camel color AND ONLY VERY LARGE SIZES.

A History of Europe by J.M. Roberts Audio Book, FREE with a 30-day free trial of Audible (was $45.47)
Do not forget to cancel your Audible subscription if you’re not using it! Other than that there are no downsides to listening to this during long road trips. There’s even a British accent.

Eight LED Keychains, $10.97
Be the most popular festival companion by gifting all your pals with these absolutely necessary, tiny, adorable flashlights that cost you next-to-nothing.

T by Alexander Wang Slub Muscle T, $38.25 (was $85)
You pretty much never have to change your shirt if this is the one you’re wearing. Seriously, I’ve gone liiike 36 hours maybe? Shhh…

Nail Rock Bleached Neon Nail Wraps, $5.45 (were $12.18)
Pros: make you look “with it,” last longer than regular polish, and won’t stink up the car when you decide to emergency-change your nail polish on the highway.

Breil Sunglasses, $25 (were $130)
Wear cheap sunglasses that aren’t your normal style. You’re around strangers who won’t judge and if you accidentally (or on purpose?) drop them in someone’s barf, you can just walk away.

Sauve Dry Shampoo, $2.74 (was $3.49)
Personally, though it works well to absorb oil, I think this smells too much. It’s lemony or something? BUT, during a weekend away around a bunch of stinky heads, you’ll be thankful.

Vidal Sassoon Large Claw Clips, $3.39 (were $4.89)
These will get loaned out and broken, so grab a bunch.

Open Knit Dolman Sweater, $8.99 (was $17.80)
You’re going to get cold, so throw this and this…:

Dip-Dyed Border Scarf, $9.99 (was $49)
 …into this.:

The Worldcitizen Bag, $15
For one, you need a cheap, cool-looking tote for all your water bottles, hand sanitizer, condoms, and warm clothing, but you also want one you can destroy without worrying about it. For two, this one benefits an amazing organization!

Compressible Travel Pillow, $17.99
Throw this in that bag too, while you’re at it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for certain where you’ll be sleeping.