And Here We Are Again

Edith, an influential new-media personality, is off covering [redacted] for [redacted] for a week or so, and, despite having The Most Important and Difficult Job in the World (being a suburban stay-at-home mother to a single child in a prosperous Western nation with high-efficiency washer-dryers and dishwashers and garbage cans with sensors you can wave your hand over), I’ve agreed to fill in.

There’s going to be some horsey coverage this week, I’m afraid, because I am competing (!) on Saturday (no, don’t get excited, it’s Training Level dressage, which is like watching someone doing a Rocky-esque training montage in preparation for playing tiddlywinks), and the Kentucky Derby is coming up.

A few questions to get us started:

Are you caught up with Breaking Bad? Why didn’t Walt just take the stupid money from his rich friends and save us, the viewers, a lot of stress?

What if I were Ann Romney’s escapist online persona? How would that change your perception of our GOP front-runner?

On a related note, if you tried to kill it with fire, what accelerant would you use, if any?